How Did I Not Know About This Place?!

Confession time.  I love junk.  I love looking at it, going through it, imagining how it would look in certain places in my home, etc. One of my favorite things to do is go to consignment shops and look through all the fun stuff that comes and goes each week. Old farm vintage is probably my favorite….I’m a sucker for old milk jars!  You can do a lot with those. Here are some of my fave DIY ideas for milk jugs from Pinterest:


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Seeing as I have a huge love for all things old-fashioned, I am so flabbergasted that I didn’t know about a little (big) gem of a business down in Hattiesburg, Mississippi called The Lucky Rabbit!

Lucky Rabbit Warehouse
Source: Google

I stumbled across their business listing while looking for something else, and I am left feeling green with envy that I can’t go there immediately and blow out my checking account.  LOOK at all of this amazing-ness they have to offer!

(All images shown below are from The Lucky Rabbit’s Facebook Page)


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Have you ever been here? If so, I’d love to know what you thought!  If you are close enough to check them out, you will want to go the first week of the month.  They are only open 4 days/month.

lucky rabbit 2

The link below has their hours, location and social media channels to follow:

The Lucky Rabbit   


Side note…Zappenin is an awesome resource for locating businesses etc in your area…they are my go to because A: they have an App and B: all of the businesses social media accounts are included in their listings which saves me the time of looking myself…especially when I am running short on time and have 3,529 kids doing errands with me. (I really only have 3 kids, but that is what it feels like sometimes!)  Anyway, most of my business suggestions will come from them 🙂

Happy Monday everyone!



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